Worldwind Shipping Services very pleased to self introduce to you as an authorized custom clearing agent. We have well established clienteles in Mumbai, JNPT, Mumbai Aircargo & other customs station in India.

Worldwind Shipping Services is well established, having vast experience more than 34 years, with largest professionally managed shipping agents. Our company has pioneered a range of import and export activities and today provides comprehensive customs related works.

We are fully conversant with the customs rules and regulations, BPT / CFS formalities and municipalities octroi & non octroi procedures. Experienced team work is the key resource to achieve success in this ever changing market and the majority of management have over 28 years experience in this field. Since inception , we serve our customers with their utmost satisfaction.

We treat each and every consignment with special care. All shipments will be handled properly and promptly in accordance with client instructions. All that need to do is to give us the documents with necessary authorization to clear the consignment on your behalf.

We handle customs clearance and transport documents.All specialised shipments require paperwork. Cross-border shipments of goods need special transport documents. And the list goes on. But do not worry. Our freight forwarders are experts in handling all types of transport documents, and our truck drivers are certified in handling goods

Our Team : our strength more than sufficient employees dedicated and well experienced in this field

Communication : Modern and effective communication system – efficiently monitoring time bound information of status of their goods to authorized person concerned.